4.55kw Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater

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1.5P(4.55kw)  Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater

ProductAir Source Heat Pump Water Heater
Power source/frequency220V~50HZ
Leakage protection levelI CLASS
Waterproof levelIPX4
Rated heating capacity4550W
Rated power consumption1150W
Rated operational current5.68A
Max power consumption1562W
Max operational current7.10A
Rated water temperature55℃
Water output quantity100L/h
Climate gradeCommon
Out gas of system max

working pressure

In gas of system max

working pressure

Heat exchanger max

working pressure

Water tank allowable pressure1.2MPa
Noise level≦55dB(A)
Refrigerant/injectionR22   1.2kg
Size(length X width X height)830X260X530(mm)

Quick details of the product:

1.Water output quantity 100L/h
2.Refrigerant/injection :R22/1.2kg
3.POWER: 4.55kw

1,Energy efficient:It consumes a small amount of electric energy, absorbs, utilizes a large amount of free heat energy in the air, has high heat retention efficiency, low operating cost, and saves a lot of electricity costs, which is 70% more energy efficient than electric water heaters.

2,Safety and health: Separation of water and electricity, with multiple protections, completely eliminates the safety hazards of ordinary water heaters such as flammable, explosive, electric shock and gas poisoning.

3,Long service life: It adopts the world’s top brand compressors, which has strong resistance to liquid and is stable and reliable. Durable with enamel liner tank

4,Easy installation and simple operation: installation is not affected by the area, and work at -25 °C as usual. The space occupied is small, the system runs automatically, the setting is simple, and there is no need to be on duty.

5,Environment-friendly:It does not emit any polluting gas and has zero pollution to the environment. It is the latest energy-saving product, replacing the upgraded product of electric water heater.

1. Installation position of domestic air energy water heater: It can be installed on the exterior wall, roof, balcony and ground;

2. The distance between the host and the tank should not be more than 5 meters. The standard configuration is 3 meters.

3. The distance between the host and surrounding walls or other shields should be separated by more than 30 cm to facilitate the circulation of the host air circulation.

4. If a rain canopy is installed to protect the host from wind and sun, care should be taken to ensure that the heat transfer from the main heat exchanger is not obstructed.

5. The main machine should be installed in a solid foundation place and be installed upright and fixed with anchor bolts.

6. The control panel is best not to be installed in the bathroom to avoid normal operation due to moisture.

4.55kw Heat Pump Water Heater

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