6.75kw Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater

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5P, 6.75kw Air Source Heat Pump water heater

ProductAir Source Heat Pump Water Heater
Power source/frequency380V 3N~50HZ
Leakage protection levelI CLASS
Waterproof levelIPX4
Rated heating capacity20000W
Rated power consumption4500W
Rated operational current8.1A
Max power consumption6750W
Max operational current12.2A
Rated water temperature55℃
Water output quantity450L/h
Circulating water flowrate3.5m3/h
Water pressure drop55kPa
Out gas of system max

working pressure

In gas of system max

working pressure

Heat exchanger max

working pressure

Circulating pipe diameterDN32
Circulating water pipe connection1 1/4 N Thread Coupling
Noise level≦60dB(A)
Refrigerant/injectionR22   3.2kg
Size(length X width X height)800X800X1120(mm)
Net weight180kg

Quick details of 6.75kw Air Source Heat Pump water heater:

  1. Water output quantity 450L/h
  2. Refrigerant/injection :R22/3.2kg
  3. POWER: 6.75kw


Description of 6.75kw Air Source Heat Pump water heater:

Intelligent control system: adopts humanized control system, the unit running status is clear at a glance, and there are multiple automatic protection and fault self-checking functions.

Automatic constant temperature detection: adopts the most advanced waterway automatic control system, which has large heating capacity and high hot water rate. The unit is automatically cycled and heated for 24 hours. The hot water is ready to use.

Large brand compressor: the world’s top brand compressor, great power, large heat, strong resistance to liquid slamming, stable and reliable operation.

Strengthening heat exchange device and increasing heat exchange efficiency: use large-scale and high-efficiency heat exchanger to improve heating capacity, with stronger anti-freezing ability.Larger hydrophilic aluminum foil fins with high heat exchange efficiency, not easy to freeze, is the first energy-saving product of hot water to replace solar energy .

Installation Tips of 6.75kw Air Source Heat Pump water heater:

1.The unit should be installed in the balcony, roof (note lightning protection), ground or any other convenient installation and reliable load-bearing place.

2.The unit should be installed in the air circulation place, should ensure that there is enough air inlet and outlet space to prevent air short circuit.

3.The unit should be installed in places without electromagnetic radiation, and should not be installed in places close to flammable and corrosive gases.

4.In order to avoid vibration and noise transmission during operation of the unit, the unit should be installed in places where noise and ventilation do not affect the activities of the surrounding people, and should be placed in places where heavy snow and heavy rain do not occur in winter.

  1. The unit installation location should be closer to the power supply, convenient wiring; close to the supply water source, convenient pipe construction.

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