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  • 100% Testing on all our swimming pool heat pumps and buffer tanks before delivery.
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  • MLT is your best swimming pool heat pump manufacturer & supplier in China.
  • We accept OEM & OEM orders all our our swimming pool heat pump products.
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Hot water tanks, storage buffer tanks from 13 gallons to 60 gallons
Air to water system, and swimming pool heat pumps 7kw – 15kw.
Commercial Air Source Heat Pump, hot water system from 3kw to 15kw.
Air source swimming pool heat pumps, from 3kw to 60kw.
Commercial Air Source Heat Pump, hot water system from 3kw to 15kw.

Custom Your Swimming Pool Heat Pump

MLT is professional in swimming pool heat pumps with them self R&D technology team more than 20 years.

All swimming pool heat pumps can be customized by your requirements, we can supply the swimming pool energy generate design and suggestion for your pools before our co-operation, and we can supply our technical support with free installation services after we cooperation.

Our engineer can install swimming pool heat pumps for you with the reasonable salary, and we can supply training support for your staffs if you required.

We can arrange fast shipment of swimming pool heat pumps for you, as our staffs have more than 15 years working experience in their professional field, and we always stock some regular main parts in our warehouse.

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Swimming Pool Heat Pump

The Ultimate Guide for importers and buyers

What is the reason for owning a swimming pool heat pump?

Well, it is related to how the water comforts you.

Yes, you read that right!

Pool Cleaner Folsom

Photo Courtesy: Pool Cleaner Folsom

It’s probably the first thing that comes into your mind after reading that sentence.

Of course, the water feels soothing on your body because it exudes into your skin.

It’s this reason why each pool heat pump owner should research for a heat pump comparison.

They should also pick the most suitable heat pump pool heater model for their pool situation.

Without one, you would be left with unwelcoming and cold water.

Later on, you would soon observe the absence of friends in your pool of freezing water.

Think about it:

What can be more thrilling than enjoying in the pool with your family?

Not to mention, the outside temperatures during the winter.

Well, all this can be a reality if you afford an efficient solar pool pump.

The good news!

This e-book will guide you with everything you need to know about best heat pump.

Adding inground pool heat pump in your pool will surely improve the uniqueness of your place.

Making way for joy to meet your friends and family!

Chapter 1: What Is a Swimming Pool Heat Pump?

Above ground pool heat pump are an excellent way to keep your swimming pool at a comfortable temperature.

It’s perfect for swimming even during the cooler nights of fall and spring.

Sunlover Heating

Photo Courtesy: Sunlover Heating

These above ground pool pump don’t generate heat themselves. But it acts as a heat exchanger.

It collects heat energy from your environment.

Think of it:

A fan draws air over an evaporator coil loaded with refrigerant.

It absorbs heat and converts to a gas.

A compressor increases the heat of the gas that passes through a condenser coil.

It delivers the warmth to the circulating swimming pool water.


The heated water re-enters your swimming pool.

It increases the temperature of the water.

That enables you to utilize the pool almost all-year round.

Perhaps you’re asking yourself.

Is a heat pump system worth it?

Well, an air source heat pump makes your investment pay off much better.

The most vital thing here is selecting the ideal size heater for your pool.

Do you start searching for a heat pump water heater? Are you now planning to buy pool heat pump?

You want to choose a heater that’s rated higher and has high-quality pool pump parts.

It should be higher than the standard figure.

The bigger the pool heat pump sizing you buy, the faster it can heat your pool.

Just think about it:

That means your air to water heat pump will need to run less often.

It will often last longer than a small model.

A heat pump swimming pool heaters are a must accessory for any person.

In fact, it does not matter which type of pool you have.

If you wish it heated up, you’ll need a heat pump pool heaters for inground pools to circulate the water.

You want to increase the temperature as well.

Do you want to learn more about if a swimming pool water heater heat pump is worth it?

How does the best swimming pool heat pump work?

Keep reading about 3-ton heat pump to know more.

Chapter 2: How Does Swimming Pool Heat Pump Work?

If you have an electric heat pump for inground pool, it utilizes electricity to run.

Ground source heat pump also utilizes the sun-warmed air that contributes to the efficacy of the unit.

Water source heat pump utilize electricity and don’t produce heat.

Simply stated:

When the heat pump water heater for pool motor circulates the pool water, the water is drawn from the swimming pool.

Then, it passes through a filter and the heat pump water heater.

The solar pool heater pump has a fan, and it draws in the outside air.

It also circulates air through an outer evaporator air coil.

Pool Heat Pumps

Photo Credit: Pool Heat Pumps.com

You see:

Liquid refrigerant in the evaporator coil penetrates the heat from the outside air.

It converts it into a gas.

The warm gas in the coil will pass through the compressor.

Then, the compressor raises the heat.

It develops a hot gas which passes through the heat exchanger condenser.

But wait, there’s more:

The pool water and gas is pumped through the heat exchanger.

After that, the hot gas transmits its heat to the pool water.

The water is now heated to 3 to 5 degrees as it circulates through.

Now, warmer water flows back into the swimming pool.

On the other hand:

The hot gas returns to liquid form as it flows through the condenser coil.

It goes back to the evaporator where the entire process starts again.

The best heat pumps are made for recreational water heating.

These includes:

  • Swim Spas
  • Hot Tubs,
  • Spas,
  • Above Ground Pools,
  • On Ground,
  • In Ground Pools and more

If you have a refrigerator, water cooler, dehumidifier or AC, you already have an energy efficient pool pump.

All such appliances utilize the same dependable technology to move heat.

They use electric power and a sealed refrigerant compression system.

Chapter 3: The Benefits of Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Now, you’re aware of how does the best heat pump pool heater work.

It’s time to understand the benefits of heat pump pool heaters for sale.

You’ve been searching online for the best pool pump.

You’ve already done endless research about swimming pool heat pump price.

And you’ve tried to determine which swimming pool heat pump sizing is best for you.

Perhaps, you’ve looked at swimming pool heat pump reviews.

Or you’ve looked for swimming pool heat pump for sale.

However, you still cannot come to a decision on which swimming pool heat pump unit to pick.

As if that’s not enough:

Well, take a few minutes first to pull that on hold.

This chapter will explain why a pool water pump is your ideal option.

“Ideal” option? That’s a bold claim.

But it might be!

Here are the benefits of having the eco swimming pool heat pump in your property:

3.1. Pool with Heater and Pump for Spa Pool Are Energy-Efficient

Solar heat pump for pool are one of the most efficient pool heat pump options accessible.

Fair enough, right?

Gas heaters and electric resistance small pool heat pumps are sought-after for those speeds.


The advantage does come at a price.

It presents high monthly operation costs to be precise.

The good news!

Spa swimming pump, on the contrary, are far more reasonable.

That’s because of the way in which they produce heat.

Electric heaters utilize resistors.

Gas heaters burn fuel.

But swimming pool air source heat pumps gather natural heat!

Solar heat pump power a compressor and fan which pulls in hot air.

It converts it to heat energy and transmits it directly to the water.

However, since heat is sourced from nature, the pull on electricity is lower.

That’s why solar heat pump for swimming pool provide an impressive COP of 6.0.

As it turns out:

The best heat pump pool heaters for inground pools generates six units in return for each unit of energy your pool air source heat pump consumes.

So generally, heat pump for spa pool unit is affordable and energy efficient to operate.

3.2. Swimming Pool Air Source Heat Pump Are Cost Effective

It is only logical that cost-effectiveness follows suit with such energy efficiency rating.

But let’s now begin from the top.

The initial pool heat pump cost ranges from $2,000 to $4,000

Now with that said:

A few of you might be thinking:

You could get an electric or gas heater for low-cost than that.

And you’re correct! You possibly could.

But you need to bear in mind one crucial factor – the operation cost of spa pump and heater.

You are aware that pool heat pumps cost a bit much up front.

They make up for tenfold with significantly lower swimming pool heat pump running costs.

Heat pump technology are way much cheaper.

How can you beat that?

Pool heat pump prices ranges from $50 along with a maximum of $150 through peak use.

This heat pump pool heater prices sound amazing, isn’t it?

Are you searching for a way to enjoy the warm swims without breaking the bank?

Small pool heat pumps, especially 2-ton heat pump is the thing for you!

3.3. Submersible Pool Pumps Are Environment-Friendly

In the majority of cases, heat production requires combustion to some extent.

That is the case with gas heaters.

They need to burn gas continuously to generate heat.


It’s a process which comes with some environmental consequences.

The most noticeable being a high rate of CO2 emissions that wreak havoc on our ozone layer.

But, what about your air heat pump for swimming pool?

Home Depot

Photo Courtesy: Home Depot

The good news!

The best inground pool heat pump don’t need to burn anything.

Heil heat pump harvest natural heat from the air with a less pull on electricity.

That means two things for you:

These pool with pool pump impeller generates zero CO2 emissions, which makes them environment-friendly.

You’re also helping restore the environment while you enjoy the soothing warm water of your pool.

That’s surely a win-win scenario for you.

3.4. 2 Speed Pool Pump Offers Durability

Now, what is cooler than:

  • environment-friendly
  • cost-effectiveness
  • and energy efficient operation?

Of course, durability!

Do you plan to invest in the water to water heat pump?

You are already aware of the swimming pool heat pump cost.

Now, for sure you want spa pool pump and heater that will last.

That’s exactly what you’ll get with indoor pool heat pump.

What’s more:

Swimming pool pump motor is considered as a longest-lasting water heater pump solutions available on the market.

What does this mean for you?

You see:

Although affordable, gas heaters aren’t famous for their lifespans.

Most gas heaters last 5 – 10 years before needing replacement or major repairs.

The same goes for those electric resistant pump heaters.

Just think about it:

Ground heat pump is in it for the long haul.

On average, a quality energy-efficient inverter heat pump will last from 10 to 20 years.

That lifespan can extend with proper diy heat pump maintenance and service calls.

Pool Cleaner

Photo Courtesy: Pool Cleaner

One way to preserve your swimming pool pump parts is to use it.

If you run it on a regular basis, you’re preventing corrosion from accumulating.

But wait, there’s more:

3.5 Heat Cool Pump for Swimming Pool Gives Access to Repair and Assistance

If you find yourself in need of repair, help is readily accessible.

A professional specialist from heat pump manufacturers can troubleshoot any problem you face.

These swimming pool heat pump manufacturer will know what’s required to have your spa heat pump working again.

Fair enough:

But perhaps you’re a DIY type.

Well, you can order the swimming pool pump parts you need.

You can look for pool heat pump running costs, check for pool pump reviews and start working.

If in case you encounter any pool pump problems issue along the way, there’s no need to panic.

You can use a swimming heat pump troubleshooting service to help you throughout the process.

ProTouch Pool Services

Photo Courtesy: ProTouch Pool Services

Bottom line:

A wall heat pump can be one of the best investments you can have.

That’s true if you are eager to maintain it.

Hopefully, you better understand the benefits of pool heat pump installation cost.

Optimistically, it’s simple to tell why it’s the pool air source heat pump for you.

Chapter 4: The Different Types of Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

You now understand the amazing benefits of an inverter pool heat pump for swimming pool.

Your next task is to know its different types.

It gets better.

Are you planning to purchase a brand new swimming pool inverter heat pump unit?

You need to consider its spa heat pump price.

You also need to consider its strength and the amount of energy your eco pool heat pump consumes.

Simply stated:

Normally, groundwater heat pumps are powered by:

  • solar power
  • electricity and;
  • gas

In this chapter, we will help you distinguish each types of spa heat pump.

But you need to remember, there’s no right or wrong choice.

It solely depends on your personal needs and preferences.

Let’s start:

  • Gas Pool Heat Pumps

These are the sought-after solution for thermo pump pool heater.

That’s because heat pump heating is capable of heating up even huge pools rather faster.

The majority of models operate on natural gas.

It’s piped from the utility company.

Simple Pool Tips

Photo Courtesy: SimplePoolTips.com


There are also prone-fueled models for those who don’t have access to natural gas.

These pool air source heat pumps are excellent at keeping the temperature when the air changes.

There are type famous types of gas heat pump spa heaters:

  1. Convection Gas Pool Heaters
  2. Tank Gas Pool Heaters
  3. Coil Gas Pool Heaters

Both tank and convection solar pool heater pumps are better for smaller spas and pools.

Coil gas pool heaters are the most utilized type for larger swimming pools and spas.

  • Electric Pool Heat Pumps

Electric air pump for swimming pool operates similarly to electric hot water tanks.

These small pool heat pump heat a coil that heats the water.


Photo Courtesy: HubNames.com

The process of heating is slow, but they are very consistent.

Plus, there’s no need for you to worry about running out of energy.


Electric heat pump for above ground pool has a higher price tag.

But it will be a great advantage in the long run. That’s because they last for a long time.

They are energy-efficient too!

  • Solar Pool Heat Pumps

On the other hand:

Solar heat pump for pools is growing faster in popularity.

That’s because they’re very cheap.

A Green Origin

Photo Courtesy: A Green Origin

Sounds good, right?

However, the setup for such heaters can cost up thousands of dollars.

You’ll need to consider the location of your pool in connection with the sun.

Fortunately, solar pool heater pump for outdoors are cheaper and easier to install.

Bear in mind that these need little to no maintenance after they are installed.

Amazing, isn’t it?

  • Air Source Heat Pumps

A swimming pool air source heat pump swimming pool heaters is made with an advanced controller.


Photo Courtesy: ArchiExpo

It balances which systems are running when.

Air heat pump for swimming pool also distributes heating and hot water.

No doubt about it:

These are compatible with radiator based and underfloor heating systems.

It can be utilized together with most:

  • Oil-fired boilers
  • Electric boilers
  • Equivalent

Don’t you have sufficient land area for your ground source system?

Do you have a highly insulated new build property?

Do you prefer heating for an outdoor pool?

The good news!

An air source heat pump is the perfect solution for you!

Start searching for air source heat pump swimming pool cost today!

These are the four types of ground source heat pump for swimming pool.

Perhaps you’ve already picked one for your home.

After identifying them, it’s time to understand the proper installation of inverter pool heat pump.

Chapter 5: How to Install Swimming Pool Heat Pump?

Installing your air source heat pump for indoor swimming pool is a simple task.

It can be completed by a local engineer or you as the pool owner.

The recommendation of pool heat pump suppliers must, however, be followed.

What we want here is not to nullify the warranty.

You also want to avoid your air source heat pump for indoor swimming pool from not running properly.

So, let this chapter show you how to conduct pool heat pump electrical installation.

Let’s fire away:

Above ground heat pumps require enough air circulation.

So it works best outside with enough clearance.

The spa pump and heater must be positioned on level ground close to a filter and pool.

You must make sure that the airflow is controlled.

Alternatively, you can consult the pool heat pump reviews consumer reports and heat pump pool heater reviews.

Pool heat pump reviews has details that specify about the:

  • proper clearance;
  • placement and;
  • the perfect location of your heat pump pool heater unit.


Install your swimming pool timers for pump as close to the filter as possible.

It should be at least 25 feet away from your swimming pool.

What’s the catch?

Installing your unit any further may lead to heat loss because the tubing is underground.

Technically speaking, pool heat pump installation will have at least 24 inches clearance.

Plus, it must not have any obstructions above.

Chapter 6: Where to Install Swimming Pool Heat Pump

So you already understand the proper swimming pool heat pump installation and how a heat pump works.

It’s time for you to know where to install it.

As recommended, you must be working with a qualified pool specialist for the installation.

However, knowledge is a good tool to have under the belt, right?

So, before or while they install your heat pump, let’s explore some locations.

These are the spots where you should and shouldn’t install your new unit.

6.1. Right Place to Install Your Heat Pump Pool Heater

Where possible, heat pump water heater for pool must be installed outdoors.

It must be set up in an area with a continuous supply of fresh air.

You see:

Optimum heat pump efficiency depends on a better flow of air.

So, you should pick a location where it gets better air flow.

Ensure that the air being expelled by the fan won’t hit any hindrances.

It should be recirculated into the pool heat pump.

A good rule of thumb:

Bear in mind that the further from your swimming pool water heater heat pump the unit is, the more heat you’ll lose.

6.2. Locations Not Appropriate for Installing Pool Heat Pump

  • Near the Gutters

Avoid rainwater runoff from pouring into your heat pump.

Remember that the heater is made to endure normal rainfall.

However, solid streams of water from driplines of the roof isn’t a good idea.

It may damage your heat pump unit later on.

  • Near the Sprinkle Systems

Irrigation water spray can ruin your heater component.

Irrespective of water quality, it’s essential that the irrigation is directed away from your system.

Can this be true?

We understand that you don’t want to damage your hard-earned investment.

Follow the guidelines mentioned above to prevent this damage.

Chapter 7: Can A Pool Heat Pump Be Installed Indoors?

A swimming pool is ideal for the summer season.

But during the winter, it can be hard to maintain.

Some people don’t want to install heat pump water heater for pool in their outdoor pools.

That’s because of the troubles and hassles connected with it.

So, some of them prefer to install pools inside their homes.

Be Green Systems

Photo Courtesy: Be Green Systems

Yes, you read that right:

Indoor pools are simpler to maintain.

They’re also accessible whatever the weather condition is.

Now here’s where the question arises:

Can a pool heat pump be installed outdoors?

To answer that question, read this chapter.

7.1. Is It Best to Install Pump for Pool Indoors?

An indoor heat pump would be convenient to utilize indoors.

The only problem?

It’s not the best idea to install it in your indoor pool.


Simply put:

A swimming heat pump extracts heat from its surrounding area.

You already understand it from the previous chapter.

It transfers the heat into your pool to warm up the water.

Therefore, a heat pump needs a huge supply of fresh air to heat properly.

The air leaving the pump is 8-12 degrees cooler than the air coming to the system.

Do you see where we‘re going with this?

The best swimming pool heat pump wouldn’t get the same amount of fresh air if installed indoors.

Instead, the same air would recirculate.

It will cause your indoor air to cool faster.

Later on, the system would shut down.

That’s because there wouldn’t enough heat to withdraw from its surroundings.

7.2. Installing Heat Pump Heating Indoors

Different methods are taken for various heating models.

Do you have a vertical fan model?

Ducting kits are effective in venting out the cold air outside the house.

It also brings in warmer air from the outside.


Do you have a propeller fan model?

If so, a duct system no longer works its magic.

For horizontal fan models:

They can be positioned against the wall where a hole is present.

It will permit the cold air to be released.

Dehumidifying the air is the only benefit of pool heat pump indoors.

Nonetheless, indoor heat pumps are quite rare.

Now, do you still plan to install a pool heat pump indoors?

Just a tip:

You must offer a way to supply 3,500 CMFs of fresh air to your unit.

Now, you finally understand how heat pumps work indoors. Are you now ready to purchase?

But, we’re not through yet.

In the next chapter, you’ll know the common pool heat pump problems.

Continue reading to know more.

Chapter 8: Air Source Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Trouble Shooting: Solve Air Source Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Not Working Problem

Do you need some assistance with pool heat pump problems?

This chapter will offer you solutions to the most common pool heating issues.

It’s so simple to panic when stuff doesn’t work how they are supposed to.

That’s true when that “stuff” is your swimming pool heater.

Without it, your swimming pool can become way very cold to swim in.

That will doesn’t help you lengthen your pool season.

Miramar Air Conditioning

Photo Courtesy: Miramar Air Conditioning

But the good news!

A few problems are perfect for a swimming pool water heater heat pump that’s regularly used.

And there are many things you can do about it.

Think I’m exaggerating?

In fact, most pool owners can do basic troubleshooting in just a few minutes.

Granted, nothing takes the place of professional pool heater maintenance and repair.

However, these pool heater troubleshooting tips must spare you some headaches.

8.1. The Pool Isn’t Turning On/Working

An inground pool heat pump can stop working for a various reason.

But for now, let’s concentrate on the most typical reasons.

  • Air Temperature

Air temperature plays a vital role in the operation pool heat pumps.

In fact, it’s their main heat source.

Without a dependable source of heat, your pool will suffer.

Some heat pump swimming pool heaters will determine this fault as “Low Freon Pressure.”


Do you have a heat pump that has a limit of 50 degrees before it powers off? Trying to operate your unit won’t be worth the effort.

On a better day, you might be able to get your unit to turn on.

However, do not expect performance and efficiency to be affected.

  • Power

Tripped breaker, corroded connections, and faulty wiring.

These are problems that can cause power issues for your heat pump.

8.2. The Air Coming Out of the Pump Heater is Colder than the Air Coming In

There shouldn’t be over 9-12 degrees Fahrenheit difference between the evaporator coil and fan.

If the difference is high, there might be a few potential causes:

  • Water Flow

Do you see an error code telling “High Freon Pressure” on your pump?

Poor water flow is the reason why.

To fix this:

You need to ensure a good water flow with a clean filtration system.

  • Obstruction

The evaporator coil area is infamous for getting leaves and twigs stuck in the grates.

Those obstructions reduced the heating process. It also makes your unit work harder.

Make a habit of keeping your heat pump water heater for pool obstruction-free always.

  • Filter Pump Run Time

By the way:

The speed and operation of your filter pool with heater and pump affect your heat pump.

You are aware that the filter pump serves as the water source.

It controls if the swimming pool heat pump will work.

Not giving your pump enough time to its task can end up quite costly.

8.3. The Swimming Pool Heat Pump is Leaking

Pool heat pumps generate a regular amount of condensate.

An excessively big puddle of water may call for swimming pool heat pump maintenance.

  • Turn off the heat pump and continue operating the pool pump.
  • Wait for several hours and check the water around your pump.
  • If most has evaporated, you’re in the clear.

These solar pool heater pump repairs must help with most typical issues.

Does your problem doesn’t solve?

Well, it might be time to seek for professional help.

Chapter 9: Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Applications

In this chapter, we will take on the topic of the different applications of heat pump pool heaters for sale.

9.1. Swimming Pool Heat Pumps for Spa Swimming Pools

A swimming pool heat pump units are simple to connect to the current electrical power.

It offers complete power round the clock.

You see:

The water from the circulation of the pool flow through the heater.

The heating element heat it.

The pump and heaters are compact which can be installed in all types of spa and pool.

9.2. Swimming Pool Heat Pumps for School Swimming Pools

Did you know?

A heated swimming pool opens the doors for sports opportunities.

A school with this pool air source heat pump can offer a low-impact sports option to students.

It’s ideal for students who cannot participate in other sports or have health problems.

9.3: Swimming Pool Heat Pumps for Luxury Hotels

Are you a manager who operates a luxury hotel? Do you plan to buy pool pump?

Inverter pool heat pumps are utilized in big numbers on spas and pools in hotels.

It offers excellent flexibility to you because of their robustness and fast heating abilities.

You can use a gas heater to heat your pool to a comfortable temperature all your round.

What’s good here is that:

It can offer “on-demand” heating.

That means your luxury swimming pool will be at a temperature always.

9.4: Swimming Pool Heat Pumps for Outdoor Swimming Pools

Are you searching for ways to change the way you operate your outdoor pool?

Then you need to install a pool air source heat pump!

Installing a heat pump heating to heat your outdoor pool will not just save energy.

It will also lessen running expenses.

Recreational operators are under pressure to demonstrate effective energy.

A pool heat pump takes care of the environment.

But how?

Well, they only incorporate fresh air control.

9.5: Swimming Pool Heat Pumps for Beach Swimming Pools

Pool heating can be a huge expense for most beach resorts and hotels.

In our experience:

Some resorts have indoor pools which are often utilized by elderly and young guests.

Electric air pump for swimming pool for beach pools are the perfect way to relax.

9.6: Swimming Pool Heat Pumps for Resort

Do you have a pool complex in your resort or hotel?

Having a well-maintained pool for your guest is essential.

Calsun Pool Care

Photo Courtesy: Calsun Pool Care

Holiday guests expect warm pool heating as a standard facility.

Solar pool heating can be utilized for your resort pool eating.

If the sun isn’t accessible, the standard pool heater can kick in.

Chapter 10: Top 5 Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Manufacturer in Global Market

Are you now considering to buy swimming pool heat pump?

Perhaps you’ve come across swimming pool heat pump manufacturers.

Consumers like you have a hard time choosing the right heat pump manufacturers.

But no problem!

This chapter will provide you the top 5 heat pump manufacturers you can choose.

  1. Rheem

Rheem is a brand which provides residential equipment.

They started manufacturing swimming pool heat pumps in 1997 under the Raypak division.

Rheem’s heat pumps are competitively priced, dependable.

What’s more:

Plus, they also offer reasonable pool heating services.

  1. Pentair

Pentair was established in 1966.

The company provided superb swimming pool products.

Their products range from heat pumps to water features.

You see:

Pentair is an international firm, with more than 300,000 staff.

They also have 300 locations globally.

  1. Jandy

Jandy is highly renowned heat pump manufacturers in the swimming pool market.

In 2010, Zodiac Pool Care combined with Jandy Pool Products.

In 2003, the firm acquired Air Energy.

That’s the time they entered the market of swimming pool heat pump.

  1. Hayward

Hayward is a swimming pool heat pump manufacturers serving the industry for 80 years.

They provide high-quality pool products and amazing customer support.

Their items are produced in the USA.

  1. MLT Heat Pump Co.,Ltd.

MLT Heat Pump manufactures a wide array of swimming pool heat pump products.

Yes, you read that right:

We distribute our pumps both nationally and internationally.

We offer only quality products at very reasonable prices.

Our heat pumps are manufactured in China.


Much was written about what is a heat pump and heat pump pool heater cost.

All types of technologies are hyped as being able to transform the market.

Still, the conclusion unvaryingly remains the same:

A heat pump spa heater is still the most economical pool heating solution!

Should you have more questions about heat pump pool heater sizing and pool pump prices?

Feel free to contact us today to know more!

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